REBarCamp San Francisco – Happy Birthday!

It’s the return of REBarCamp in San Francisco.  Today is going to be a blast.  #REBC has found it’s way back to its birth place in SF.  This is where it all began.  Come along with me and keep up with the days events as they unfold right here.  I know that many of you are unable to make it to the event this year, so being there “virtually” might be fun and a good alternative.

Happy Birthday REBarCamp

I’ll be updating this post through-out the day. Follow us on Twitter, friend and fan us on FaceBook, and see up to the minute photos on Flickr. Gotta run, I’m late to go blow out the candles at REBarCamps Birthday Party.

What’s Happening RIGHT Now “LIVE” at ReBarCamp San Francisco


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  • BTW – If you’re at the event, come find me, I’ll be the guy wearing the ActiveRain T-Shirt with a thousand signatures on it. You can’t miss me. LOL~ I Look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones today!

    1:00pm – At the Wireless Lounge here in the Trulia Building with a minimal connection, but wanted to post this photo. Be back later with some great photos of some faces and friends you all know and love! 

    Tina from Virginia and Zvika from MobileAppLoader

    See if you can spot Tina from Virginia and Zvika from MobileAppLoader

    4:00pm – “LetsGetConnected” Mike Mueller endorses REBarCamp “Live” from San Francisco.

    5:00pm – The REBarCamp Birthday Party Begins momentarily… more photos coming shortly.  🙂

    10:00pm – Photos from the day! See if you can guess or recognize all these great folks.

    1000 Points for the member who can name the most people in these photos. Deadline is when Inman Connect San Francisco is over on Friday August 7th, 2009 at 11:00am PST. Have fun. 🙂

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