Reel Dwellings TV meets RAIN Radio

Sounds like a Terminator meets Alien showdown, but it’s not… it’s better!  Today we have Tara Jones from Reel Dwellings TV on the show talking about Video and how to take it to the next Radical Level. 

Tara Jones is an experienced Professional Video Host.  She’ll be discussing various aspects of Real Estate Video and how it affects today’s Industry and YOU.  Tara will share answers on many of the questions we all have about Real Estate Video. 

When to do it yourself vs when to rely on the pros?  How to over come the fear of video and how to best use it to sell homes and communities.  What makes a good video, what makes a bad video, and why video is so important in today’s Real Estate market?

What’s the best camera for video?  How much does it cost to have the pros come in? What is the future for Real Estate and Video?  What are the biggest Challenges shooting, editing, uploading etc.?

About Tara:
Tara and Reel Dwellings TV are taking real estate video to new heights. 
No more boring still photos fading in and out while listening to bad jazz music.  Professional videographers, expert editing and experienced on-screen talent make real estate video engaging and dynamic.  If you are looking to showcase a neighborhood, highlight your services, or take your virtual tours to a higher level, then join our show.


Tara has already put up some very useful “Help & How-To” posts here on ActiveRain.
  She has also helped a few AR members cross that threshold and assisted them into the blazing hot video scene.  Check out her Blog here on ActiveRain, you won’t be disappointed. It’s ALL about “video” with some great tips, tricks, and techniques.

Meet Tara Jones from Reel Dwellings TV and ActiveRain

Come join us, ask questions, or just listen in.  We’ll be live on the air at 2:00pm EST, 11:00am PDT.  Just go to RainRadio for all the details.  Join me every Thursday at the same RAIN time, same RAIN Channel. 🙂

I’m really excited to have Tara as our guest.  I was very fortunate to meet her in person at the Inman Connect in San Francisco a couple months back, and I’m really looking forward to her sharing her experience and wisdom that she has gained over the many years of doing video.  Listen to R.A.I.N today, as Tara expands on some of the thoughts and ideas she has already been so generous in sharing with us on AR.

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