RELAY – The Baton has been passed!

The Solano Association of Realtors is proud to now offer RELAY as a local member benefit.  All Realtor members
of the Solano Association of Realtors are now entitled to a FREE RELAY account.  The normal cost is $149.00 per
agent, per year, if you are not a local member. 

What is RELAY?

RELAY is the easy internet tool for real estate transactions.  Realtors can
complete transactions online using a secure, custom transaction website. 
RELAY is owned by both the California Association of Realtors, and the National
Association of Realtors and run by REBT.


  • Document Management – Easily update, track and save the latest version of every document.
  • Custom Branding – Your Brokerage Banner appears at the top of every transaction.
  • 24/7 Access– Securely access and manage your transactions from any Internet connection.

Broker Sign Up!
Sign up for your custom RELAY site. Whether you have one agent in your office, or one hundred agents, RELAY
can help your agents connect to new and existing clients by enhancing their marketing, customer service and
more. Visit to sign up today.

Single Agent Sign Up!
You can sign up for your RELAYagent account on the Solano Association of Realtors RELAY transaction site.
Visit  NOTE: Agents, please contact your Broker before you sign up for a single user account.  Your
Broker may have already signed you up under the Broker account.

Faxing is now included in your member benefit!
The Association is happy to announce that faxing to and from your RELAY account is now included for all
members.  Fax directly to and from RELAY at no charge, up to 1000 pages per year per subscription.  After 1000
pages, the charge is $0.15 per page, charged on a quarterly basis.

In-Person RELAY TRAINING at the Solano Association of Realtors!
The Association has scheduled "LIVE" RELAYtransaction training sessions for all SAOR members.  Take
advantage of these live training sessions scheduled for Thursday, May 17th, and Friday, May 18th, by contacting
the Solano Association of Realtors, whicjh is where I am now, posting you this information.  There is also a
training schedule sign-up at www.rebt.trainingschedule.asp

For any further details or information, please contact myself or the Association Office at or you can
call them at 707.644.5525 or you can email them at The RELAY Baton has now been passed
once again, but this time….it has been passed to you!


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