RSS Feed and Windows Vista

RSS Reader FeederI just found that the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system has a built in RSS Feed reader, right on the desktop. 

You can select any group from Activerain, click on the "RSS feed", subscribe, and the information from that group gets routed to your Windows Vista Reader.

Really cool, now only one click away from all the information you need, and everything you want to be kept up to date on.  I know there are many different readers out on the web, this one is nice because it's right on the desktop of the computer. Literally 1 click away, running in a small window off to the side of your desktop. 

Mine is setup to just show the titles.  Here are some instructions for those of you who are new to the RSS feed concept, or you were just afraid to click on the icon (like I was).

Go to any group in the Activerain Network, (I'll promote ours as an example :-)) 

                                               Activerain MLS Online

Step 1: Once you have selected a group, look to the right hand side of your screen for the RSS 2.0 icon:

spinner Instructions: How to Post your Listings on Activerain & MLS Online Group
Brad Andersohn
03/11/2007 06:06 PM
Brad Andersohn
7 144
spinner Nearly new construction
Anna Waddle
03/12/2007 10:23 PM
Brad Andersohn
7 27
spinner 303 SE Adams, 74745
Judi Barrett
03/12/2007 04:39 PM
Brad Andersohn
4 69
spinner 151 Farm Ridge Rd. Front Royal, Va. 22630
Sharon L. Daniels ABR,e-PRO, REALTOR
03/12/2007 11:41 AM
Sue Paige
3 126
spinner Vacation homes from Dominican Republic
Carlos Pena
03/12/2007 10:25 AM
Anna Waddle
2 17
spinner For sale by Original owner
Thomas Christopher "Chris" Hill
03/12/2007 10:24 AM
Anna Waddle
1 74

Step 2: Next, click on the RSS feed icon:  RSS Feed

Step 3: When the next screen comes up, just select   Plus ButtonSubscribe to this feed

That's it, 1,2,3 and your RSS feed brings you all the updates and posts from that group, or any other site that
supports RSS feeds. If you are not running Windows Vista, you can download many versions of free readers, I
just like the fact that it's right on the desktop where I can see what's going on minute by minute.

ActiveRain Blogs

You will see the RSS feed icon more and more on different websites.  It's a great way to have information
funnelled right to you instead of having to go out, search the web, and get it.  The nice feature in Windows Vista,
is that the reader display is an optional desktop icon.  Now, right in front of me, all the Real Estate tech stuff,
networking groups, news and information, even stock quotes and tech tips/gadgets.  If you are not using the
RSS feed, or just unsure of what it is, hopefully this post will help you.

It's ok to NOT click on things that you're not sure about, but this one, RSS Feed is a great little technology tool
that I'm sure you'll be seeing alot more of in the future!! It's safe, I love it!

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