Slide Sharing Power In The Cloud

One of the most obvious reasons I like and use Slideshare is to upload and access my public and private presentations and speaker notes. As a mobile professional and industry speaker/presenter, I find the site and tools invaluable.

What’s In It For Me?

Slideshare will host a variety of slide shows and decks from PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF’s, and more. The ability to access them from the cloud on a mobile device and from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, makes having an account on the site totally worth it.

Features like sharing, embedding, cool widgets, and analytics make Slideshare even more desirable.

Don’t Recreate the Wheel

The social networking opportunity makes it even more valuable as I can access those individuals which I follow, respect, trust, and admire. They too are uploading and sharing their presentations and files as well. Imagine a library of slideshows and presentations that you could chose from for your next meeting or presentation.

Why you might consider using Slideshare? 

Here’s a quick Slideshare presentation that explains and demonstrates some of the reasons others are using the site.  These slides may represent some of the very same reasons you’d want or might consider having a Slideshare account.

If nothing else, you’ll have access to some great presentations, awesome current and relevant content for your own personal education, and the ability to access this information, data, and friends easily and quickly from any mobile location or device without taking up space on your hard-drive and doing it all for free. Follow Me on Slideshare.

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