Social Media Marketing – A Webinar Series for Members

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to speak on a Blogging panel in Monterey, CA for CRS members. Specifically, I was asked to discuss ActiveRain and Localism. This all came about thanks to Pam Winterbauer who connected me with Mike Kelly, one of the panel moderators.

The guest speaker was Pat Kitano, from Domus consulting, also a fellow ActiveRain member. I’ve been following Pats Blog at Transparent Real Estate for quite some time now, and finally had the privilege of meeting him in person at the Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco.

During our break at CRS, I had the chance to talk to Pat in detail about what he’s doing with Domus and what I’ve been doing at ActiveRain. Ironically, our conversation led to something that I have wanted to do here since I joined AR, Training and Coaching via Web-conferences and Webinars.

Well, before the CRS meeting and lunch were over, Pat and I had come up with a plan that could benefit many new members here that are just getting into Social Media Marketing and WEB 2.0. Here’s what we have come up with for the upcoming Webinar Series.

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Weekly Topics and Outline:

Social Media Marketing – Why an Online Presence is Critical to your Future Career in Real Estate
Week 1
Defining your Online Presence Strategy – Benchmarking
Week 2
First Practical Steps – Five Steps to Setting up your Social Network
Week 3
Understanding the Strict Protocols of Social Media and the Content You Deliver – Don’t Blow it!
Week 4
Defining the Social Media Space – What is Necessary and What is Fluff
Week 5
Setting up the Tools to Monitor the Social Media – FeedReaders, Social Bookmarking, Social News, Twitter
Week 6
First Steps in Participating in the Social Media – Your Network is Set Up and it’s Time to Leverage It
Week 7
Explaining Active Rain and Blogging – You’ll Soon Figure Out that the Blog will be your Central Marketing Tool
Week 8
The Online Land Grab – Get Your Name Out There – Five Online Services You Must Be On Before Your Competition
Week 9
How to Attract Online Traffic – How Search Engines Work and Why the Social Media is Quantum Leaps more Powerful than a Static Website
Week 10
The New Society – Changing your Sales and Marketing Strategies to Fit with your Online Presence – Retooling your Spammy Email Marketing to be Effective
Week 11
The Secret Nobody Knows – Mass Media is Converging with the Social Media – How to Position Yourself to Access Mass Media Traffic
Week 12
Your Newest Online Resume – Twitter and Friendfeed Strategies
Week 13
Putting it All Together – Integrating Your Offline Real Estate Practice with your Online Presence

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I get a huge amount of emails and calls from members with these questions everyday, this is what motivated and inspired me to help provide a program like this. Since Pat has all the tools and pieces in place, he’s allowing me to join forces with him, and put this on at a minimal price for ActiveRain members ONLY. It will average out to about $12.00 per webinar which will run for 1 hour on Friday mornings at 9:00am pst. We have setup a registration page just for AR members.

You’ll learn some great information and come away with the tools and knowledge to be a WEB 2.0 Social Media Marketing expert. This will be a great road map to managing your time more effectively on the WEB. Reasons you should consider this opportunity:

  • It’s half price to all ActiveRain members
  • You get recorded copies of ALL the webinars, even if you can’t make it to some
  • It’s only one hour per week at an average of 12.00 per webinar
  • You’ll receive online support, manuals, instructions etc.
  • I’ll be one of your follow-up trainers and support consultants
  • 90+ tutorials providing step-by-step instructions on the techniques of blogging and social media

I’m excited about joining Pat to provide these webinars to our members. They will become more popular as Industry Professionals try to gain the edge and obtain more knowledge about Social Media and Social Networking. With the cost of travel expenses, gas, hotel accommodations all going up, this only makes sense. Twelve bucks will barely get you three gallons of gas these days. This IS a great deal!

You can register below and join us this Friday for an online orientation. The Webinar series will start {EDIT} Friday – SEP. 5th @ 9:00am (see Pat’s Comment below) We’re not trying to sell you anything here, honestly, it’s just an awesome opportunity to bring education and value to the community and to our industry. This WEB 2.0 stuff and Social Media Marketing is not going away.

Come join us, you won’t regret it. :-))

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