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Social Media Marketing & RE Technology – Week In Review

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Social Media Marketing”

Social Media Marketing 7 Day Online Crash Course … -7-day-online-crash-course.htm
Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Your Business | WSI … … s-important-for-your-business/
Startup Professionals Musings: Too Busy for Social Media Marketing?
http://blog.startupprofessiona … or-social-media-marketing.html

Real Estate Technology

It’s Here! Real Estate’s Best Book On Using Technology In Your … … g-technology-in-your-business/

Charleston Real Estate Technology Class-Listing Portals
http://thecharlestonrealestate … hnology-class-listing-portals/
The Real Estate Twitter Network
Terradatum | Real Estate Technology Products
• Have You Updated Your Blog Lately?
http://www.futureofrealestatet … logging/real-estate-blog-hack/

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