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This past week, I was busy exploring the use of tags and keywords for the Real Estate 411 Directory Network, when I discovered a really powerful tool called a Swicki!  When a visitor or member finds your Swicki, they can see the keywords or tag phrases used to find particular posts or videos.  A Swicki allows you to add all the “Key Words” or “Tag Lines” you want to use, and that you want your visitors to see!  I have copied the one to the left here from the RE 411 Main Dashboard.  

I love this tool because it allows your visitors, who may be searching for a certain topic, see keywords that may entice them to be interested in something they might not have thought of during their “keyword” or “tag line” search!  Do you know what your visitors are typing into Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find you, your Blog, or your website?  Now you can add them to your Swicki.  If the keywords or tags they are looking for aren’t on your Swicki, they can still use your search feature, and you’ll get notified on what words they used to search your Swicki.  Now That’s powerful!!

Swicki is created by a Company known as Eurekster, Inc. (http://www.eurekster.com/) They are the pioneer and leader in social search technologies.  Their custom search portal and widget (“Swicki”) harness the knowledge, power and behavior of on-line communities to improve the search experience.  Users can now build and customize their search portal on any topic, then share and distribute the social search widget to grow a community of interested users.  With every search, your Swicki becomes more relevant and meaningful to the user, and more valuable to “YOU” the swicki builder.

I also love that it works with text or Video.  To see a sample of the Swicki’s I am using, you can CLICK HERE, or go to their website above.  Eurekster won the 2006 Peoples Choice Award!  They were also the 2007 Web 2.0 Awards Winner!  Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, with their Research & Development Department located in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I would consider looking into this product for your Blogs and Websites.  To see Eurekster’s Directory of many Swicki’s, go to http://www.eurekster.com/directory.htm

Since I mentioned this above, I would also like to extend a Formal Invitation to any of my close Active Rain friends to join me at Real Estate 411.  This site is nothing like LinkedIn, FaceBook, Cre8buzz, or any of the other Social Networking sites.  The tools and options available there (like the Swicki) are like none I have seen on any other Network.  It is a “New” community, with many valuable tools and benefits! 

I really like that you can upload documents, files, attachments, videos, and even widgets into the comments of your post!
  That’s right, into the comments!  I also love the ability to customize and make your profile unique.  There is much more to report, but that’s a post for another time.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Hopefully this post will make up for the one I posted about BlogBar
a couple weeks ago, where many AR members were unable to use it here on their AR Blogs.  I know you’ll forgive me after seeing the Swicki tool and the Real Estate 411 site….at least I hope!!   These are definitely two items I feel are worth looking into.  Also, watch for the upcoming post “Year-In-Review” being compiled by many of your fellow Active Rain members!  It will be a fantastic compilation of “The Best of 2007 Here On Active Rain!” 

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