The ActiveRain Guide

The ActiveRain Guide is “FINALLY” available but will probably never be completed. (LOL) It’s taken nearly two years for this project to get to this point… let me explain.

When I joined ActiveRain back in February of 2007, there were no manuals, very few tutorials, only about 20,000 members, and I had no idea where to begin or what to do here.  Countless hours and days were spent navigating the site and community in search of a manual, tutorials, and how to get started here.  Help was far and few between back then.  As a newbie here, I remember what I went through, and always had the desire to create a users/members manual.

Now it is nearly two years later, we are 130,000 members strong, tons of changes and additions to the network, and many members have written various posts and how to’s on numerous topics as well as specific areas of ActiveRain.  With the help of some of these members, (and the NEW AR Group Blogs), we have created an online “AR Blog Guide” for members. is a resource for everything ActiveRain and then some. It’s was created and designed by our members for our members.  You’ll find multiple contributors who have spent many hours creating posts to help you learn, save you time, and show you how to build and grow your business and relationships using Social Media Networking and Marketing on ActiveRain.  These posts used to be scattered everywhere. Not anymore.

Now you can find out things like How to Blog
, Import Video, Photos, and Graphics, Setup Listing Router Campaigns, Add widgets, Create Outside Blogs, Create Links, Add Images, Use RSS feeds, embed Google Docs and Forms, Maximize SEO and so much more. You can get tips, tricks, secrets, and techniques on how to do just about anything possible on this ever changing, continuously growing network.

Some of the contributors include Jeff Turner, Jason Crouch, Katerina Gasset, Justin Smith, Mike Mueller, Kristal Kraft, Rich Jacobson, and Jeremy Blanton to name a few.  The hope is that the “Rain” Guide will simply help our new and even our existing resident members.  Especially those that are looking for detailed content on how to get things done in the least amount of time.  You see, you don’t have to know everything here, just know those members that do.  🙂

So if you’re looking for answers to questions you don’t even know that you have yet, stop by, say hi, and see some of the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into some of these tutorials and how-to posts.  It’s a growing manual, tutorial, and on-line guide for ActiveRain.  This wouldn’t be possible without ALL the contributions from the members I’ve listed above.  Please try to thank them when you can for ALL their hard work and for their efforts in helping the “Rain” reign, and for Paying It Forward.

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