The ActiveRain Manual – NEW & IMPROVED

The ActiveRain Manual – NEW & IMPROVED

When I started creating the first AR Manual, it was so that I could find posts I’d written to share with others I had invited, those new to AR, or anyone who just wanted to know more specifics about how to use different areas and tools offered by AR.  Creating a “manual” back then was more for my own use than anything else.  It was an easy way to keep organized and find posts quickly. 

3 Years later, the AR manual has evolved into a resource library that now anyone can use.  The OLD version, (on the left) was not something I was really proud of, but it served its purpose for the time being.

Today, I’m announcing The NEW  Tons of tutorials, tips and how-to’s.

Both of these manuals were built using WIX.  I really like their site and how easy it is to create and update content.  For the new manual, WIX stepped up and offered to help out.  The goal was to create a site that would be cleaner, more organized and professional, easier to search, and that would save members time.  WIX provided the platform and the tools, and Kris Fitzgerald helped me design and set it all up.

These guys were awesome, very professional, really fun to work with, and I endorse them 100%. 

WIX sites are FREE, their templates are flashy, professional, easy to work with, and their customer service is exceptional.  Check out the new AR Manual, (I upgraded the my account on WIX to remove the ads and use my own domain) hopefully this will be helpful to AR members.  WIX also added an ActiveRain Promo for AR members only, you can get the same discount and support they gave me.  Most of all, I think you’ll like the new manual over the old one, I’ve upgraded it, removed a lot of the clutter, and cleaned the place up nice for you.  Take a peek…

Ross & Brandon from WIX, and Kris and I are pretty excited and proud of the new AR manual. Enjoy!

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