The American Dream – I Wanna Be Just Like You

 When Jason Crouch sent me an email from the “Family Ties” group, inviting me to the “Inspired By Song” group, and their contest, I got very excited about it, but didn’t realize the affect my own post would actually have on me. LOL! Here’s one I bet you didn’t see coming, thought I’d change it up a bit from my usual style of post that many of you are getting used to. (or should I say sick of) LOL! When you think of the American Dream, what goes through your mind? The American Dream for me, may be different than for you, but it is still something we all relate to in our own unique and special way.

Having grown up in a musical family for the better part of my years, music has played a more than significant role in my life. While I was considering what to submit in this post, The “American Dream” is what kept going through my mind. It is such a common and widely used term. What does it really mean? I guess that depends on who you ask. Can the quest for the American Dream have alternate consequences? On the surface, I’d have to say no way, but after I saw this first video, it inspired me so much, I had to create the second video to go with it called, “I Wanna Be Just Like You.” The words in these songs are so powerful; they can gladly replace any text that I would have written in their place.

 I am dedicating this post to YOU and to anyone that will take the time to watch these. I also dedicate this to my family and most of all, my kids. This changed my perspective on things in relation to working so hard for the American Dream. It was like these songs and videos were written just for me, but I know they are for you too. 🙂

I can’t watch these without them emotionally clobbering me upside the head, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Maybe it’s because I am just like you, a hard working person, who is doing my very best to provide for my family. But maybe I was missing something very important in the whole process. In writing this post, I realized, just how much it has changed my entire outlook and focus on the “American Dream” now!

Even though I can really relate to this, it may not have the same impact on you, but I hope it touches you, even if in some small way. Thanks Jason for inviting me, and for helping me realize through your contest, what is truly important in the pursuit of the “American Dream!” This was a great “Lesson In life” for me. :-))

“American Dream” was written and performed by: Casting Crowns.

“I Wanna Be Just Like You” was written by Dan Dean and Joy Becker
It is performed by Phillips , Craig and Dean
The Video was produced at home with photos by Brad Andersohn


“I Wanna Be Just Like You”

Am I “Inspired by Song?” Absolutely and Positively YES!

My son always tells me, “When I grow up Daddy, I wanna be just like you!” We are all touched in so many different ways by music, and to each of us, it’s a personal and sometimes very emotional connection. These songs have had a huge impact on me and my life, I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Music and Life will be forever entwined, I am so grateful for what it does in, to, and for our lives!

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