The Battle of the Bay!



Today was the Giants vs A's game at the Oakland Coliseum (now called McAfee), and we were all suited up with
tickets and ready to go.  The truck was packed, kids were dressed, tickets in hand and we were off for a fun and
exciting day. As we drove toward the stadium, I couldn't help but remember an historical event that took place
when these two teams met back in 1989.

Do you remember the 1989 earthquake that hit the Bay Area and levelled many parts of the city?  I remember
it clearly.  The San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's were meeting for the World Series Championship.  At
5:05pm on a Friday October 17th, the BIG ONE Hit.  7.1 magnitude. I will never forget it.  Being at the game
today reminded me of that day back in "89" and how it pulled apart the Bay Area, but at the same time, pulled
us all together, much like 911.

The Bay Bridge had sections literally collapse, the Cypress Structure completely gave way, and hundreds were
injured and even killed.  Every time these two teams meet, it is commonly referred to as "The Battle of The Bay"
and it reminds me of that horrible earthquake.  But today would be different, we were going to have fun, and all
has pretty much been healed since that day back in 1989. 

The ballpark was packed today to see these two teams meet once again.  Another battle of the Bay, and guess
who won?  I wish I knew and I still don't know, we had to leave early cause the little guy felt sick and just wanted
to go home.  All in all, it was a fun day, the tailgate party was awesome, the company and people were great,
but when your baby is sick, nothing else matters. 

He's home now in bed with a 102 fever, and we'll fight a different battle now.  The common cold and flu. I'm off
to check the scoreboard now to see who won the game…but here at home, my 10 year old has his own little
Battle of fighting off this bug.  Now it's a trip to the store for tylenol, chicken noodle soup and
some gatorade.  All that combined with lot's of love, is a sure cure for the "battle of the bug", here in our home. 
One thing we have learned, is that the cold and flu, is the gift that keeps on giving!!  So Be well!

Can You Guess Who This Is?
Let's Go Giants, Let's Go…..

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