The Golden Ticket – Reach Out and TOUCH Someone

The Golden Ticket RULE – Reach Out and TOUCH Someone

These past few weeks I have been spending a ton of time in the “Support Tickets” booth in the back office of ActiveRain.  It’s a dark corner and very lonely at times, but someone has to do it!  lol~  With Bob Stewart out on his Honeymoon, many of us are pulling double duty and double shifts.  I sure miss that guy!  Just know that we really do try our best to provide amazing customer service to our members.

Today I received a complaint from one member about what another member was doing on ActiveRain.

The details of the complaint are not important, but it’s the principle of the matter that I feel does matter.  I see many complaints come into the ticket center about what other members are doing on the network and in the community.  Some are spamming, some are plagiarizing content, some are putting links in other members comments, the list goes on and on.  Today I responded differently to a complaint…

Hi ActiveRain Staff – There is a member doing (blah blah blah) on the network and they keep (Blah Blah Blah) and it’s really annoying and (blah Blah Blah) so could you please do something about it? (I’m paraphrasing of course) Here was my response….

Dear ActiveRain Member,

They are most likely new to our network and just needing a little guidance from one of our Ambassador Members or Staff.  I’ll try to contact them and give them some tips or guidance to assist them in “how to be” more successful on the network.  You are always welcome to do the same thing.

It’s great to see members reach out and touch someone, we do love the “pay it forward” culture here.

I know when I started on AR, I did things all wrong! I posted junk, walls of words, spammed others, plagiarized content, and even worse, but it was nice to get a call from another AR member who showed me the ropes and made me feel welcomed and at home. Sometimes just reaching out to someone can create priceless, meaningful, and lifelong relationships.  We all started somewhere and had to learn and grow but it’s nice to get a little help, love, and support from others.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, I’m on my way to try and help them out now.

Am I off base here? Is this not a good way to handle a situation with another member?  How are you helping others?  Are you quick to complain but too busy to help?  Would you want someone to call or contact you if you were doing something wrong and just didn’t know any better?  Is the term “Love Thy Neighbor” or “Do Unto Others…” a thing of the past?  What happened to helping the elderly across the street?

I thought sharing this might give folks a different perspective on how to handle this type of situation differently in the future.  Our first thought often times is to just report them or turn them in.  Maybe reaching out and touching them could result in something exciting and unexpected?

You have the Golden Rule Ticket – You just may not know or realize it!

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