The Holidays and Our Soldiers

If you are by chance reading this post, then it really isn't by chance at all.  You were meant to read this for a reason, just don't question it!  While I am sitting here posting this, an American Soldier is fighting a war.  While you are reading this, an American Soldier is somewhere hiding in a hole.  While you are starting to think about what to write, an American Soldier is wanting to come home tonight.  Maybe even if just for the Holidays.
Last month was the "Pink Ribbon Month" for Breast Cancer Awareness, in which many of us members participated by adding a pink ribbon to our Active Rain photos.  With Christmas right around the corner, I'd like to propose this month as the Active Rain's "American Soldier Awareness" month.  Our troops are away from their homes and families this year.  Some of them may never get to come home.  These are our friends and families over there, and they need to know how much we care.  I hope you'll join me, especially on this one! 
You might be against the current war, or in favor of it, either way, our troops need to know they are appreciated and never forgotten.  Right now, they are doing their best to keep America safe, and to protect her freedoms!  They are some Mother's cherished son or some Father's darling daughter…and they are also our fellow citizens who long to be at home with their loved ones, just like you and I.  So here is what you can do, it's such a small but significant gesture.  It takes less than 60 seconds, and you won't regret this when you're done, I give you my word!!

Go To This is a legitimate and valid website put together by XEROX.  Select any card from the many that were drawn and created by kids from all over the Country.  Next, just type in your Name, Hometown, and State.  The final step is to decide if you want to use a pre-typed message, or if you'd like to type your own. I typed my own.  You only get 472 characters, but imagine what those characters could do for one of our own.  Then click submit.  XEROX will actually print these out, and send them to individual servicemen and servicewomen.

There is also a section on this site where you can read comments that have come back from the troops regarding the cards they are receiving from us and from others.   I would love to see 60,000 members from Active Rain send cards, but we all know that would never happen.  (or could it?)  I would love even more to see the face of the soldier who received just one, the one from YOU or ME! 

Sending one of these cards made me feel something inside I can't put into words for this post.  Seeing what the Soldiers had to say, and looking at their photos they sent, made me really and truly appreciate them, and ALL that I have here back home!  Suddenly, for just a solemn somber moment from behind my computer keyboard, my screen, and this post, not even the market mattered to me anymore.  

Please join me as a member of the Greatest Network of Real Estate Professionals on the planet, and "SAY THANKS" to our men and women across seas and here at home.  They are busy this Holiday Season, protecting our rights and our freedom.  The life you may touch with your card, may be just the inspiration that individual needs to keep them going today!  Thanks for doing this.  I promise you, this is an opportunity and an experience you don't want to miss.  Instead of taking a moment of silence, take a moment to thank an American Soldier!
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