The I-Phone is Here…Can You Say Hello?

Say hello to iPhone. Today.The Brand New iPhone is now available to be purchased.  They are calling this the new “Revolutionary Phone!”  Many Agents, Lenders, and Clients in my area are now considering this new “Realtool for Realty” for their business and personal use.  They have questions and are looking to me for some answers. I don’t have any…..yet!!  🙁 
Well, just what’s here.

It is too new for me to provide enough detailed information regarding the technical aspects and applications of the iPhone. 

Are you ready to make a purchase of the new iPhone by Apple?  If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about how it might help or contribute to your success in business.  I have seen many of the iPhone commercials, read some reviews, and now I am looking for others thoughts and opinions.

See A Well Made Demo for iPhoneDetails
If you’d like the Tech Specs on the iPhone
My understanding is that AT&T has the exclusive on this phoneDetails

For me, I think it is a very expensive product, and until I know more about it, it’s features and benefits, and it’s bugs or glitches,  I am going to hold off before I take that “Leap of Faith” forward.  Guess I am getting more conservative in my old age. LOL

If you or someone you know has, or is getting the new iPhone, please let me know your comments.  Before I say hello to Apple’s new iPhone, I wanted to hear from you first!  

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