The Judges Have Made Their Decision…


First off, everyone's eggs in this contest were WINNERS! I was eliminated as a judge by my family, they thought I'd go broke because I wanted to declare all the entries winners. They were right. Here's how it went down:

First, we reviewed all the entries. Each judge was given a small piece of paper to cast their vote. The judges nominations for the best egg photo were kept private, however the conversations were open and discussed as a family.

Maureen's egg made us all laugh, and was very appreciated because of the time she must have put into it.
I think she could win except: (The judges see me everyday, probably tired of looking at dad) LOL

Mike's egg (smiley face with rabbit ears) could be a sure winner! My youngest judge commented that he felt Mikes math was scary. "That's a lot of money Dad!" I think he feels that if Mike wins, there would be no allowance for a couple years.
(You know we love ya Mike)

Linda's eggs were exquisite. The prettiest judge, (my wife) kept saying, "Go Back, Go Back, let's look at those again."  I think she coveted Linda's collection, and wished hers included some of these beauties. Lot's of comments on the "Tiny Paper Strips" egg.  Very Nice Collection Linda!!

Ronda's entries were nothing short of "I WANT TO WIN THIS CONTEST".  The "Realty Theme" was very clever, I'd hate to see that house get egged…(sorry, poor humor).  Then she poached, I mean posted the "Eggs gone Buggy" and the "Sporty Eggs".  these were reviewed time and time again by the judges.  She had them all "scrambling" to make their final votes.

                                                                      MEET THE JUDGES_

Each judge reviewed this post and then cast their vote.  It was then folded in half, and set on Dads desk, for the winner to be determined.  The judges agreed that the majority vote should win. If there were a tie, both entries would win, and if there were no majority, we would re-vote. Well, here are their results:


                                       The Winner is Ronda Myers – Waters from Porter County, Indiana

                                                                CONGRATULATIONS RONDA!!!

                                                                          Picture of Real Estate Agent: Ronda Myers-Waters (Willems Realtors)

                                                                         YOU'RE THE WINNER!!!

I think they selected your photo Ronda because there are 5 eggs, and we are a family of 5.  Also, anytime you show a 10 and 15 year old scooters, skateboards and sporty stuff, you're going to get their un-eggspected attention. The judges will not find out until the morning who won, but I know they can't wait to read this post.

RONDA will recieve:

  • A Quality Printed Copy of her Winning Post "Sporty Egg Photo" ($5.00)
  • A Gift Certificate to the restaurant of her choice in the amount of $20.00
  • A FREE 1 Year Membership to the Activerain Real Estate Network! (Free & Priceless)

I hope you all had a Great Easter Holiday. Today, Easter for me, meant Thanking my "higher power" for
my family, my home, my career, my gifts and my friends all over the world. I hope today, you'll do the same.
It's a good life and we are blessed!

                   An Extra Special Thanks goes out to these fine judges, My favorite People in the whole world!

                                                  The Andersohn Family

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