The National Real Estate Market Report – July 2007

The United States

When I joined Active Rain, it was for many reasons, one of which was to connect with others across the globe to get a feel of what the Real Estate Market is doing in other areas.  I also wanted to make connections with other members and build relationships to network business and referrals. 

I have learned that geographically, our areas are very different in respect to the Market Conditions and in many cases, much the same.  I'd like to capture and share this data and information with other subscribers and viewers that might be interested.  Primarily for possible investors, buyers, sellers, or even relocation employees of both small and large Corporations.  Over 70% of all buyers Nationally, start their quest with the Internet.

The National Association of Realtors and other State Associations do provide "Market Condition" reports either quarterly or annually.  Data-quick in many areas, also does the same type of lengthy reports.  I have not yet seen a Blog that offers this information from the views of Active Rain members. 

These companies and associations are great, but they're not listing and reporting the information and knowledge that can only come from you, and in a "real-time" manner.  I know it's out there in pieces, but it might be convenient and resourceful to have it all in one location, from the sources and people that live, eat and breathe the Real Estate Industry like us. 

U.S. real estate report from Las Vegas real estate market report
Please share what you feel is in the best interests of potential clients and real estate consumers in your area.  For example; Inventory, Rates, Average Sales Prices, DOM, Foreclosures and Short Sales Information, Status Changes + or -, Price changes, or any other "Real Estate Market Conditions" you feel confident and comfortable in reporting. 

I'd like to help promote each of the geographic Markets we all serve.  Your comment here can make a real difference for the reader, the Market, and for your area.  Please include your City or County and State in the comment section (in Bold), so viewers can have "scroll-easy" access to your area.  Please keep it short and concise for members and viewers. 

What is the Real Estate Market doing in your City, County, or State?  Inquiring minds like us, want to know!! 

Disclaimer: This will be a "monthly" post that will cover the portions of the US in which members choose to participate.
This information is deemed reliable and might be more accurate than anything you'll see in the newspaper or on TV.

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