The "NEW" ActiveRain Blog Customizer – Version 2.0

YEAH!  The “NEW” AR Blog Customizer was released over the weekend, and is now up and running.  Thanks to Brad Carroll over at Dakno, the AR Blog Customizer was birthed a few months ago, and added to the network allowing members to customize the headers and backgrounds of their Blogs. In fact, it was such a hit, we ended up taking too much space on Brad’s company server. 

So, we have had to move all the data and information over to our own ActiveRain servers.  You may have noticed that if you were using the 1.0 version, you would get a “temporarily unavailable” message.  Not any more, you will no longer have to go to

The ActiveRain Blog Customizer:


1.  Go to your “My Home” page and you’ll see the “CUSTOMIZE” Blog link:

2.  Click “Browse” to find and select your Blog Background Image on your Computer

Your current Background Image will be displayed – We added a “NEW” delete option
(Your Background Image will “Tile” if too small, “Cut-off” if too large – you’ll need to just experiment)

3.  Select your Custom Colors to match your Design and Blogs’ Personality

4.  Next, Import Your Header or Customized Image

(Best Header/Banner Size is 950w x 125h)

You can create custom headers and images easily at,

or by using your own photo or image editing software.

5.  Click “Save Changes” and you’re DONE!


REMINDER: You no longer have to go to

The “NEW” AR Blog Customizer is very easy to use, and very stable.  No more logging in or passwords.  You can now make modifications and changes to your Blog as regularly as you like.  You WILL need to be logged into ActiveRain in order to use the New 2.0 Customizer.  Thanks for your patience while we made these upgrades and changes, I know many members will be excited about this post and the new customizer. 

I know where you’re going next…  LOL~  

HUGE Kudos to Jorgen Hahn, VP of product development, who has been working non-stop these past couple weeks to get this completed.  Please take a moment to thank him, you have no idea what he goes through on a daily basis just dealing with technical issues and staff like me.  (ha-ha)  It can be a thankless job at times, and I truly appreciate all his hard work and efforts keeping the “Rain” up and running “Raining!”

BTW As an added bonus today, you’ll notice Jorgen also cleaned up all of our “Tag” clouds by creating a pull down menu on your side bar.  This keeps our Blogs neat, clean and tidy.  Wasn’t sure if anyone noticed this new feature, I think it looks and works great!  Thanks Jorgen. 

Here are the Details regarding the “TAGS” and “SEO” for the curious.  🙂

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