The Nor Cal Real Estate Expo – Solano County Fairgrounds

I just spent 2 out of 3 days in a place where normally horses race, cows graze, clowns surround and balloons
abound, but not this time.  There were no carnival rides, pink popcorn, screaming kids or even petting zoos. 
That's because this was not your traditional Solano County Fair!  Instead, it was the very first ever…..


Northern California Real Estate Expo at the Solano County Fairgrounds held this weekend, May 11 -13.


What an unbelievable event! No Kidding, this was like nothing any of us ever expected.  There were some great
speakers there, but a bit shy on the crowds.  We got to see some of our favorite clients and co-workers, and I
definitely ate too much food.  I broke down our booth tonight because tomorrow is mothers day and you all
know what that means.  Yes mommy, I'll be there!  (big smile)

We had some very interesting and creative vendors and displays.  This one; Use IRA or 401K to Invest in Pre-
Developed Land.  The slogan for this company was: "Find where people are going, get there first, and buy some land!"  
Great advertising on the side of this 4-wheel drive.


We also had TV Celebrities appear for some seminars and workshops. I was fortunate to meet these wonderful
people and get some photos:


Donna and Shannon Freeman from "Designed To Sell",  with Alisha Harris, the EXPO Cordinator (center) did a
great presentation.  Donna and Shannon host their own Real Estate TV and Radio show and are well known and
respected in the Southern California Market. They are more popular now due to their "TV Celebrity" status.
I had the privilege and honor of meeting both of these great ladies. They are both very knowledgeable and
professional. The delivery of their message was excellent, and their topics were timely and relevant.


Peter Marr, another Television Celebrity from "My Celebrity Home" on Style TV, was there to talk about design,
staging, colors and fear of all the above.  Peter's previous hosting credits include the Food Network's Kitchen
and All-Star Kitchen Makeover, DIY's 10 Things You Must Know and the Warner Bros. reality production
Mobile Home Disaster. It was an honor to meet Peter as well.

I want to thank some very special people who were willing to take their personal time, and see that our
booth was the "Best" it could possibly be. They all did such a great job representing First American Title
Company.  The local Bay Area was well represented. I am so grateful for their help and participation.
Thanks guys!!

Darryl, Pamela, Alicia, and Jeff    Sherryl Bellafiore (Guest Speaker)   Jeff and Alicia "Voicing Our Value"


Of course my favorite part of the EXPO was my "Little Hero" who was there with me, all day long! As you can see,
he had no problem finding the places that were amusing and entertaining to him.  He was a great help all day
long.  We labeled him the official "Passport Stamper", for those participating in the passport "$10,000 Cash"
giveaway. He had a blast today with his Ol' dad!

This event was advertised on TV stations, local and Bay Area Radio stations, and the website is incredible. There
were invitations, flyer's, and their target marketing was very efficient. The marketing for the Expo was "Top
Notch". They had Great sponsorship, some awesome vendors and it was alot of fun!! A portion of the proceeds
go to "Habitat For Humanity" in the local Bay Area. A great charity with an awesome vision and purpose.

Lastly, I need you all to think positive that we will win the Passport Contest.  This is for $10,000 cash that
will be giving away this Sunday afternoon. Please review the passport below, focus on it, think very positive,
visualize us winning, and the energies generated from each of you that read this, might really help us win….
(wishful thinking) LOL


These are some of the other sponsors and promoters of this 1st annual event! Should get bigger and better each year.

                                       HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EACH OF YOU MOM'S OUT THEIR! 
                                        MAY YOUR DAY BE AS SPECIAL FOR YOU, AS YOU ARE FOR US!

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