The On-Line Book To Show Face and Make Friends

The clue about this post was definitely in the Title.  (haha) If you guessed FACEBOOK, you guessed right.  So why is FACEBOOK the place to have your face and make friends?  I know why I’m there…because my oldest son is a college student, and he’s there.  It just another way for us to connect.

His pictures, friends, updates and more are there for Dad’s viewing pleasure(shhh…don’t tell him)  You see, I am 3-4 hours away from Cal Poly, so I can’t just hop in the car and “be right there!”  If students from colleges all over the Country are on FACEBOOK, then I assume most parents like myself are as well.  I know they must miss their kids too.

Question here is, should you be there?  If so, why?  If not, why not? 

Tomorrow, (I am totally stoked),  we’re having the one and only Jay Thompson discuss FACEBOOK and his thoughts on the ins and outs of why he’s there, and what works for him.  With over 500 friends there, Jay is the perfect guest to have on RAIN Radio for this topic.  Thanks Jay.

I’m equally as excited about this show because we have some surprises for Jay, and for our listeners and callers too.  Facebook launched on February 4, 2004, and currently has 120,000,000 active users, should you, or are you one of them?

Come find out everything you want to know or ask about FACEBOOK, it’s not just a place for friends or to find people, is it also a place for business?  We’ll also be giving away some cool AR stuff, so know your trivia…

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