The Petrified Forest Whispers Happy Birthday Today

For a long time now, my mother has spoken of this place and a time where a tremendous earthquake shook the Country…the earthquake was so violent that it hurled down the Giant Redwood trees like matchsticks.  Fire, ashes, and molten lava came out and coursed down the valley in which now lies the “Petrified Forest!”  She has always wanted see this place, so today, for her Birthday, her wish was finally granted.

Debra and I decided to take my folks to this enchanting, mystical and fascinating place located in Calistoga, California.  It’s a Registered Historical Landmark #915, and is a must see if you ever get the chance.  You’ll see much of it here as I share this special day spent with Mom.  It was a step back in time, over 3 million years ago, and a walk on the trails of the Petrified Redwood Giants.  What once stood as towering trees, is now just the “Rocks Of Ages!” 

How was this wood and forest petrified?  Water laden with silicates in the Volcanic ash seeped down into the gaps left behind by the decomposing tree fibers; replacing the wood cell by cell with crystallized silica until the entire trees became stone. Some of the silica formed into a colorful glass-like gemstone.  Seeing the petrified wood all around us was spectacular.  You’d never know by looking at these trees that they were like cement.  It was just awesome to see and touch. 

The best part of today was seeing my Mom have so much fun.  I think she really enjoyed the trip.  She was finally getting to see a place she’s always wanted to go, and at the same time, celebrating her Birthday in the forest with us.  She got souvenirs, exercise, enjoyed the fresh air, and now has some memories that she’ll treasure forever.  We enjoyed a nice “Birthday” lunch on our way back at place called Villa Romano’s, some of the greatest Italian Food you’ll ever encounter…really!  

I just want to say to her, thanks Mom for spending your very special day with us, for being such a great trooper out there in the forest, and mostly, for putting up with me all day, and for all these years.  You have been the “Giant Redwood” that I have looked up to all my life, and the “Rock” that has inspired me to always give my best in everything I do.  Today we celebrate YOU, your Birthday, and all that you stand for and represent which is: Love, Honesty, Integrity, Humbleness, and Selflessness. 

You’re the best role model a son could ever have, you inspire me to this day to be more like you in every way.   You are so loved, appreciated and respected, more than I could ever express or put into words.  I hope you’ll celebrate your Birthday with us for many years to come.  You’re the QUEEN, my Mom, my Mentor, my Inspiration, my Hero, and my very very best friend forever. I love you!!!

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