The Power of Face To Face

While the Internet has a powerful and unprecedented impact on people and relationships, it will never replace the power of meeting and building relationships face-to-face.  In an interview with Jeff Turner, he explains the power of building and growing relationships face-to-face, but also shares an excellent example that affirms this fact.

In the old days (not long ago of course) the only way to keep in touch with friends, family, community etc. was by US mail, and over the phone.  Meeting people in person back then was Social Media, networking, and human interaction and fellowship.  Today, it’s a quick PM on Facebook, a DM on Twitter, an IM from the iPhone, but much less often is it an AM cup of coffee in person.

Take a moment and evaluate your personal life and experiences with the Internet and then compare it to the real world offline and off the Web.  Discover your AHA moment as Jeff has done.

Not to take away from what the Web and Internet has provided as a way of communication and branding, but we should recognize the tool that it is, and be cognizant of the in-person opportunity that may be missed with all the “Social Media” and “Online Whoop-la” that surrounds us.

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