The Real Estate Industry – It’s not Just a Job, It’s an Adventure!

I’m excited to announce that I am taking on a new role and change in the Real Estate Industry!  

Over the past few years in my role as Community Manager for ActiveRain, I’ve learned so much and grown in so many ways.  During this time my role has included helping many thousands of people and that work has been immensely rewarding and exciting.  However, I am now moving to a new place with my career. 

To all my friends at ActiveRain, a big “Thank You” for all your love, support and friendships over the past few years.  I also want to thank the staff and my good friends here inside ActiveRain for all their hard work, and for the passion that they sweat into this network each and everyday.  It’s been a wonderful learning experience.  Getting to witness the growth and changes on AR has been an honor and privilege.

I feel blessed to have so many great friends and such a truly authentic extended family here. 

I look forward to telling you all about this new challenge that I have accepted in the days ahead.  I’d spill the beans right now, but I have to head out the door… I’m running off to get married in a couple weeks. Then ActiveBrad’s spending his honeymoon in some untold locations.  I am not leaving the AR network or all of my friends and family here, I’m just merging onto a different road up ahead and creating a new and exciting path.

So wish me luck, I’m looking forward to YOUR future as I plan to still be part of it.  🙂

The rest of the scoop coming soon …to be continued

No matter the path you travel, make a difference in the world and enjoy the Journey…

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