The Real Estate Market – Have you hugged yours today?

Hanging Out



Do we know where our markets are today?  Can you tell where it is going tomorrow?  Are we ready to accept the challenges we face in any market?  Should we determine what's driving the market and it's destinations?  Do you feel that sometimes you're just hanging out there on a rope?




I have good news.  In my experience, the market tends to change based on a variety of issues, and has a track record of being cyclical.  However, If we focus too much on what is driving the market, we might miss it's destination.  I'm not saying "don't be in the moment", just that I'd rather be there to meet it, rather than chase it.  I am no expert in market predictions, nor can I tell you where this market is going, but projections I can give. 



When the tax season passes (traditionally), I believe it will spark the market again as it has in the past.  The interest rates are good, wood and nails are not getting cheaper, people keep making babies, so there will always be a need for more housing.





I've heard some economists say, larger corporations will merge together to become global powerhouses for new technologies.  New ideas are already being created to simplify the search for consumers, finding Real Estate online.  The company RealBird Sample (A San Diego Agents Website) is already using a new technology with idx, giving consumers the ability to search for homes by a map, and hover over listings with a mouse.  Check it out.  Trying to keep up with all the new technology in the future will be impossible.  Just watch the clip below if you don't believe me. (I know you do though)

                                                                                       THIS IS A MUST SEE:

                                                     See This Globalization Video! – (3 mins.) you'll be surprised!



The Real Estate market is kinda like a roller coaster ride.  You have to fasten your seat-belt at all times, and be ready for anything that's up ahead.  Chug Chug Chug…(anticipation)…Breathless down the steep drop….and screaming around the corners!!  This is the part of the market that makes alot of people hold their breath. 

My projections for 2007 are good.  My 8 ball says "definitely".  So I am going to fasten my seat belt, take the Real Estate roller coaster ride, then laugh, scream and hold my breath, having a blast the whole way.  I am going to hug and embrace this new and changing market. 




Fall Jump an Dive In


So jump, fall, or dive into your Market.  We have an exiting time coming this year.  I am expecting to come back to this post at the end of the year, and comment on it's successes.  I am looking forward to seeing the many great success stories that will be posted this year. 


The market has always been good to me no matter what transitions it's gone through.  It may be a different market again, but it is still a "Good Market!" 


Have you hugged yours today?  It's a good life!


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