The Real Estate Roller Coaster Video – History of Home Prices since 1890

This Roller Coaster Graph is an actual graph showing the Real Estate Market Prices from 1890 to PRESENT! Take a ride through history on this clever creation, and see what kind of breath taking experience we have experienced over the years! Be sure to watch the lower right corner under the youtube logo to see what year you’re actually in. At the end of the video, it shows the graph from which this video analogy or metaphor was created. WOW! Finally a ride and post we can all enjoy, and then go get a carmel apple or some cotton candy! LOL!

The question after this ride is, “What loops, turns, drops, tunnels and climbs do the next 10 years hold for Real Estate Home prices?” The thing to remember that is the most important…“ENJOY THE RIDE!”

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