The "Realtor Blues" Story! The Whole Story!!


Realtor Blues CD LabelThis is one of those stories I just have to share. I posted a comment to a member, and a blog about a song called "Realtor Blues" around 9 days ago, (it was my second or third post ever) . What happens next is almost unbelievable! Now, here's the rest of the story….

I work with the Solano Association of Realtors and currently serve as their Technology Committee Chairman. I was asked by the President of the Association, and other members, to put together a Christmas party for 2006. I have put together previous programs for the board, but this time I wanted it to be the best xmas party ever! You know, live band, games, Santa Claus, special guests etc.

Well Jeff Dennis, a great poem and book writer in his spare time (Also, the Solano Associations President) wrote this poem called the "Realtor Blues"! The California Bay Area Market was experiencing some changes, in that buyers were harder to find, sellers were in abundance, and listing prices and home values were starting to drop or be reduced. Jeff emailed me his poem and said we can read it at the Xmas program as a little joke. A little joke?

When I got home that night, I started humming the words to the poem in my head to see if there was a flow, a rythym, or a beat that came naturally. To my surprise, it had it's own little groove, so I started musically blogging my idea for Jeff's poem. On December 20th 2006, we performed many Xmas songs including Jeff's song "Realtor Blues" for about 60-80 members.

It was an awesome party. I played guitar, Tav Green played Drums, David Sikes (Yes, Dave formerly of the Rock Group Boston) played bass and sang the tune, and Debra Lee (my wife) Sang. She was amazing! Julio Lopez (Coldwell banker) played Santa Claus, and had the Grandest Entrance one could ever imagine. Santa's singing was really cool too, he got up on the stage and sang "Merry Christmas Baby" by BB King.

Well, the audience really loved it. They liked and laughed at the Realtor Blues, and said we should record it. Dave, Tav and I , joked about it a bit and Jeff said to go for it. We met at my house for a couple hours, cranked out a couple tracks, threw down a vocal slurr or two, laughed about it, and then said goodnight and went home. No big deal! (not yet anyway)

That week, I burned a copy for Jeff Dennis as a gift, since he did write the poem. He said he liked it, as he listened to it on his laptop in his Coldwell Banker Benicia Office. Next thing I know, Jeff goes to a Regional CAR meeting in Monterey, CA., and plays the song for over 800 members and directors at the main meeting. He said the auditorium was huge, with a big sound system. Not only did they begin the day with the song, they closed the day with the song as well.

Jeff seemed to be a Hero and Star over night. We all had to laugh as we shared the story of what was happening with our hoakie little song. What happens next is absolutely unbelievable! I talked with Jeff about what we should do with the song. By now, many members of our association knew it was recorded, and possibly available. We decided to post it on the local associations website as an .mp3 file, and offer it to members for free if they were interested. Realtor Blues CD Cover

Then, I joined the Activerain network, just a few weeks later. I read my very first post on AR (and he doesn't even know this so I'll expose him now)…Jeff Dowler had written I didn't get the listing today! As I read his post, I felt sorry for him, so I offered him a free copy of the song. His title and post seemed like he really had the "Realtor Blues"!

I decided to post a blog telling people we had recorded this song and would love for them to hear it. 10 days later, I have received so many emails, comments, and calls from all over the US asking about the Realtor Blues. The song was now speeding it's way all across the USA. Everyday, I'd get emails, phone calls, or comments requesting a copy.

I would share with Jeff and Dave, all the comments and stories, and we would laugh at how far this song was actually going, and how it was making it 's way uncontrollably across the internet. I would kid around with them and say, "Next you'll be hearing it on the radio, and we'll be playing it live at the NAR convention. Again, we'd just laugh and chuckle it off as crazy foolishness.

The next few emails were members of AR, and they wanted a copy of the song. They knew David from his Boston touring days. They wanted to know how he was doing, and what the Realtor Blues was about. I sent them a copy and now, can you believe this? The Realtor Blues IS PLAYING LIVE ON THE RADIO!! Thanks Bill or George.

In all honesty, we can't even begin to comprehend what has happened here. Too fast and furious! Crazy and Unbelievable! Who would have ever thought that becuase of the AR network, the "Realtor Blues" song, for realtors, would make it to public radio. You can go to one of the largest internet radio brokers, and hear Realtor Blues live. Because it's internet Radio, that means the WHOLE WORLD can now hear Jeff's poem, that somehow became a song!

Go to and type in "Realtor Blues" in the search box. There it is! I am still in shock when I see and hear it! This is the "Greatest Success Story" to ever come out of this network for us. I shared this with Jeff today, and now we don't laugh anymore, we are in total awe of how this has all came about.

I had to share this stRealtor Blues CD Backory with all of you!  Next, we'll be asked to perform it live at the NAR Convention! LOL just kidding Of course we said that when we wrote it too! I have to thank my friends here on AR, and the ones at for helping us get to the top of the Billboard Charts (well maybe not that far) and letting the world hear just how talented Realtors really are, even when they're just goofin around.

Also, David Sikes is a great friend and would probably do me bodily harm if he knew I was sharing this with the world. He is one of the most humble and lovable guys you could ever meet..(very talented too). So, lastly, we want every one of you on the Activerain Network to have your own copy of the "Realtor Blues".  The rest of the world is now enjoying it, and so should you.

I have put a link below. It's an .mp3 file, which almost any computer can play. We want you to have it and every time you listen to it, remember this story. "Expect the Un-Expected" and never hold back, always go for it! Until the next update, we'll be waiting for that call that the limo is picking us up to go the the NAR National Convention, and perform the "Realtor Blues" live for all of you. I can see it now!! LOL. 

It's been an amazing and totally incredible journey with the unexpected success of this song. So, on behalf of the President of the Solano Association of Realtors, Mr. Jeff Dennis, David Sikes, and myself, a great BIG THANKS to everyone! Also, special thanks to Jeff Dowler for not getting that listing, or none of this would have ever happened.

Thanks for reading the longest Blog in the history of Brad Blogs, it is always nice to give back, for all that we receive! We hope you've enjoyed this story and even more, we hope you will enjoy the song.

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