The Secret for Facebook Ads

Today I received an email from Glenn at Nucazza asking me:

Subject: Facebook Advertising
“Can you give me a brief schooling on how to use the Facebook ads without the call to action of click through? I want to share it with my IT people but did a horrible job. You mentioned it at one of the breakout sessions at Rain Camp in Atlantic City.”

Yes I can. There are three Facebook ads below:  If you setup an ad on Facebook, use the “CPC” or “Pay-Per-Click” ad options… the idea behind this method and theory is that you are trying to make the “call to action” a phone call and NOT a click on the ad.  Which of the ads below would you be least likely to click on and more likely to pick up the phone and call?

Facebook Ad # 1

Facebook Ad # 2

Facebook Ad # 3

If you can get your target audience to pick up the phone and NOT click the ad, then you’ll be advertising on the largest social site in the world for nearly FREE!!  As long as you don’t use the “impressions” campaigns, you’ll do really well.  Of course there will be some that will click on the ad but that is a small price to pay for the opportunity in so many cases to have your phone ring.

You can target your Facebook ads to a specific geographic and demographic audience making it even more effective if your ad offers “Quality Content!”  If you’re looking for some more marketing and advertising ideas, feel free to browse around the site here, there’s over 620 articles here that you may find interesting and useful for your business.

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    • Brad Andersohn

      Glenn – Wasn’t sure if you wanted to remain anonymous or not: SHOUTING OUT to Glenn at Nucazza for requesting this information earlier this week! 🙂

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