Youtube Provides Online Video Editing

This past week while uploading a video onto my Youtube Channel, I noticed a brand new feature.  The Youtube Video Editing link and module.  For as long as I can remember, this is a feature that has been long sought after by the millions of Youtube users and Vloggers.  With the addition of video editing online and the ease of use for those on the go like me, it will be a huge convenience to be able to use some of these features while out traveling.

Having the ability to now add beginning and ending transitions, adjust brightness and contrast, add audio and background tracks and more makes video editing easy, fun, and beneficial to many of the videos I shoot while out on the road.  My favorite feature is the “stabilization tool” they’ve incorporated that let’s you stabilize some of those more shaky videos and then compare the “before and after” side by side.

Saving videos on Youtube as new projects means you’ll never lose the original uploaded video.  Here’s a quick demo:

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