How To Add a Quiz To Video

How do you add a customized quiz at the end of your video? First of all you might be asking yourself why you’d want to? One reason would be to see how well your message was delivered? Based on the quiz results, you could determine the effectiveness of your content?  I bet you can think of more ideas, right?

Go ahead and click anywhere on the test image below to watch the 90 second video followed by a five question (multiple choice) quiz to see how it works in real time. You can see the results and your score when done, but what’s cool is that the author (me) also receives the results too.

Contact Forwarding

How was this created?  I used Camtasia to create the video and embed the quiz at the end. The video file was uploaded to a server for you to access via the above graphic.  The quiz results are shown to you and emailed to me. This allows me the ability to see and measure the results.

Adding a quiz to video is easy with Camtasia, and can be a great tool for measuring your effectiveness.
BTW – This new contact forwarding feature launched by my company is pretty awesome if you ask me.

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