The Global Social Media Epidemic

Lets face it, Social Networking use to mean getting together at a local event to meet and greet others, exchange information and business cards, and even rub elbows with influential people that you could build deep and meaningful relationships with that could impact your business or personal lives.

Today it’s a quick text message or response, an email auto-reply, a quick Tweet or Facebook post, and 90 seconds of watching a quick video on your mobile device.  How connected are we really to others?  It seems we’re more connected to the devices, the technology, and the social networking tools than we are people?

There is a Social Media Epidemic and many are feeling the effects
of Social Site overload.  I think “more social and less media” is the auto-correct for this dilemma.  It may be too little and too late to suggest that social media could be causing a great anti-social movement or (IRL as they say online) in-person epidemic of huge proportions.

Where is all this going?  How much time do you really spend connected to your device and computer versus your friends, family, and children?  Do you know others who seem to have a lack of balance and issues with their jobs and personal lives?  Are we a society, a species, and world in denial?  When and How does it end?

“If there were no electricity, no batteries, no power, no technology, what would you do?

I’m just like you, looking for answers, unsure of the questions, convinced there’s an issue, confused from it all, but confident that we’ll find our way!  Is there a future that will best serve our own needs and desires and us as people without feeling the pressures of this global movement and obvious epidemic?

Take a break and step back.  Ask yourself this question?  If it all went away tomorrow, would you be better off and would your life be more fulfilling and enjoyable than it is currently?  Would you have more time to spend with others creating memories and more meaningful and lasting relationships?

There’s really no right or wrong answer here
, just an awareness and personal assessment of your time, your life, and what’s really important to you at the end of the day.  This post is dedicated to ALL my dearest friends who ponder these questions daily and silently as they spend their time and lives online without truly seeking the answers and finding the balance in life that I hope this post will help deliver to them.

Pretty deep I know, but worth taking the time to ponder….

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