Short Calendar with Email Distribution

Create Daily Tasks and Share with Short Calendar

I have always been a big fan of really simple tools that do simple tasks really well. Here’s one that is no exception to that rule.

Short Calendar lets you select any given seven days. It’s a free online tool that creates week long agendas in the form of neatly organized calendar boxes, which are emailed directly to any recipients right from the site.

The possibilities for uses are endless, from scheduling group vacations to busy and hectic workweeks to customized and unique exercise routines.

The clean and simple layout, which renders flawlessly in email, is a helpful aide for “visual thinkers” (a.k.a. forgetful people). Any office administrator or business assistant would find great value in

Each calendar day is appropriately boxed with the date at the top for quick reference and convenience. Add any recipients’ email addresses and a subject line and click “Send.” It doesn’t get any easier than that. Send it to yourself as an archive or for future use.  As for completing the tasks and agenda, that’s on you.

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