The Ultimate "LIVE" Wedding Ceremony – You’re Invited!

This Friday, our very own Bob Stewart and the lovely Christa Caulk will be joining hands for eternity in marriage!  Yup, a couple of my very best friends in the World are getting hitched and permanently tying the knot.  Since I am unable (along with so many other friends and family) to make it to their wedding out in Michigan this year, we are putting together this “LIVE” streaming video to share with everyone.

And Two Become One…

On Behalf of the entire ActiveRain Team, We request the honor of your presence at the marriage of Christa Noelle to Robert Eugene Stewart Jr. this Friday, the Ninth of July, Two Thousand and Ten at Half Past Six in the Evening.
(That’s 12:30pm Hawaiian time, 3:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Central, 6:30pm Eastern)

Gather all your friends and family, calling all ActiveRain Members, Get the Rice Ready….  This Is It!! 

Come join us for the “First Ever” Virtual wedding right here in the Rain. May these two be blessed with great fortune and all the amazing things this earth and universe have to offer them. We wish them peace, happiness, and an abundance of Joy and great health in their new adventure, Journey, and life together as Bob and Christa Stewart. 


Register Here Friday at 6:00pm EST, and Watch The Wedding “LIVE” With Us


Edited 7/20/2010 – Added Recorded Streaming Video From Wedding and Reception Below

We love you both and wish you all the very best.

CONGRATULATIONS and Thank You for sharing this very special day and time with all of us.

BTW – Bob will also be celebrating his Birthday during this momentous occasion.

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