The Ultimate WEB 2.0 Business Card

Today I was reading Russell Lewis’s post about “The Trials and Trepidations” regarding Business Cards.  The video “Your Business Card Is Crap” he has posted is very interesting and is actually what sucked me into the “Think and Wonder” tank today.  How valuable is your business card these days?  What do people do with them?  What do you do with yours that you’ve collected?  I have hundreds, maybe thousands, all rubber-banded together, sitting in boxes located under my desk. 

Now don’t get me wrong, they are very important, and I would never throw yours away, but…..

All the important folks I know or have met in life are either in my phone, in my email contacts, or available via the web.  Heck, I have a database right here on AR with over 145,000 and it’s so much easier to access them on-line than it would ever be trying to find their business card in one of those dusty buried boxes.  It’s time to re-evaluate the most commonly used marketing piece in business, your business card.  Here’s the card I like to use when I DON’T want to be contacted by an acquaintance: lol~

What is my idea of the ultimate business card in a web 2.0 world?   Here’s my thought:  Do you want to drive traffic to your Blogs or sites?  Do you want Google to know your name?  Do you want to be the ONLY ONE that shows up on pages of the search engines with NO competitors?  You can, and here’s a unique and creative way.  If you must give out a card, getting people to remember your name is the key.  If they lose the card or forget your website, or even parts of the conversation you had, hopefully they will never forget your name! 

Here’s my NEW WEB 2.0 business card and it actually works so don’t laugh at it.

So the next time someone asks you where you work or for your business card, just say  First off, they’ll be shocked thinking that you work for Google, (love that shock factor) then they’ll most likely ask you if you really do?  At this point, get them to know and remember your name, then hand them the above card, and just say “Google Me!”  I know this is different than the typical business card exchange, but that’s exactly what makes it more impressionable.  Try this yourself and test the results.  The card will be destined for the same place it ends up normally, but the concept, delivery, and message hopefully won’t be forgotten. 

Go ahead, Google me!! 

Disclaimer: Sorry John Smith and Mary Jones, you may have to find a better way… or change your name.  🙂

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