is the Real Deal

Finally an online site, service, and tool that allows you to capture, share, and store the most valuable of commodities ever known to man… photos!  The Internet and world has long needed something in this life (no pun intended) that will do exactly what This Life does.

Kodak (now known more as digital media) moments are what really count in “this life” and going from shoebox, to album, to online etc. has been quite a journey.  Remember your baby pictures?  What about those shots of your great grandparents all tucked away in the closet, under the bed, or in the garage storage bins?

ThisLife gathers and organizes all your photos and videos into one beautiful, searchable place. Getting started is easy and free.  You just need an invite.  Click here to get one.

I for one am really stoked about having THIS LIFE as MY NEW online gate-keeper to the most valued moments, times, and treasures of my personal, business, family/friends, and travel life.

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