Google Glasses Get Digitally Enhanced

Google is calling this “Project Glass” on Google plus, and I think it’s brilliant, but I know there are those who will disagree.  The future and this technology will make social media and networking as easy as blinking or breathing air.  Tasks that take sometimes minutes, hours, and even days to accomplish could be achieved in just seconds.

Do we really need digitally enhanced Google glasses?

By John D. Sutter, CNN

(CNN) – Google on Wednesday unveiled something really future-y: Glasses that display digital info on top of the real world. The prototype glasses project all kinds of information – walking directions, instant messages, phone calls, weather info, calendar reminders and the location of your friends – on the world all around you. Read More…

With this new type of Google+ integration, this could be the next level of social networking. Hopefully this is one of those projects that will actually get beyond the thought and beta process… I’m really excited to see if this one makes it.  Since I have a challenge at times remembering peoples names when I see them in person, this would be a pair of glasses I would surely wear every single day. lol~

Could this be the future ticket that takes Google+ to the championship round and bout with Facebook and a “Victory” as the leader of social media networking?  By simply infusing the real world, some would say yes…

Stay tuned folks, it’s game-changer time!

Then RebelliousPixels on Youtube responded with this video showing Google’s true colors and plans to generate revenue with this genius new technology and concept. Brilliant, really?“I made the Google Project Glass team a new commercial. I don’t think they’ll like it.”

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