Tis The Season for Giving – Feed It Forward

One of our ActiveRain members just sent me a $10.00 gift certificate to go to any restaurant of my choice in my area.  What a nice gesture and what an impression it just made on me. It’s not the gift so much as it was the thought that really did count.  Now the fact that the gift was for food REALLY counted because I LOVE FOOD!!

Keeping with the tradition of giving during the Holidays, I want to Pay It Forward “Feed It Forward” to any of you who would like to do this for one of your favorite AR members.  Maybe even a past client or family member, it’s your choice. It only takes a minute and will really make someones day, at least it did mine.

Here’s the deal:

You can give away up to (30) gift certificates each day up until Christmas Day.  Each Gift certificate is worth up to $10.00 each.  You can give them to anyone you choose. All you need to do is send them an email.  The email comes from you with a personal message, and then all they have to do is register, search for a restaurant of their choice in their area, then print out their certificate and go eat!  Sound to good to be true?  This time it is!! 

Feed It Forward is something Restaurants.com is doing during the Holiday Season and I commend them for doing this, especially in a time when the Country’s economy has gone through some major changes. It’s also a really nice way to keep the “giving” spirit alive and well.  Check it out, send a $10.00 gift certificate to someone and then don’t look back.  It will “Make A Difference” in someones life, maybe yours!

This all reminds me of the time when I paid a $3.00 Bridge Toll for the car driving behind me (a complete stranger) then she ended up paying for the car behind her since she already had her money out, then they paid for the car behind them and so on and so on.  This went on for about 10-15 cars before someone finally broke the chain and put their money back in their pocket, said thank you, and then drove on. 

The very next day, as I drove through the toll booth again, the toll booth attendant looked at me and shouted, “Have you any idea what you caused yesterday?”  For a second, I was shocked, I thought I was in trouble or something..  I had forgotten about paying for the car behind me the day before, and that’s when he told me the story about all the people paying each others Bridge Tolls behind me.  He said, “You really made an impression on me yesterday, it’s something that will live in my heart forever!”  Nothing feels better than that folks! Nothing!

It feels good to give!  Give to family. Give to friends. Give to neighbors. Give to anyone who has touched your life, but most of all, just give! Who knows, you might be the next one getting an email “meal” from me!?!

Feed It Forward
Happy Holidays Friends!   🙂

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