Top 40 Resources for Information and Education

These are my Top 40 Resources for Real Estate Industry Information and Education

Most of my reading hours are spent on ActiveRain. Let’s face it, one could sit at their computer ALL DAY everyday, and never run out of great material to read and learn from AR members.  There is more information, education, inspiration, and entertainment here than you could consume in a lifetime.  However, from time to time, I like to head out onto the Blogosphere SUPER-HIGHWAY and explore what else is out there.

When I first started working here at AR, I was reading folks like Seth Godin, The Scobelizer, Chris Brogan, and Guy Kawasaki.  Then I discovered other great sites and resources like GeekEstateBlog, where I soon became a contributing author.  The list kept growing over time. Now it has grown so large that I barely have enough hours in the day (or night) to try and keep up with all the great content that’s available out there.  I still try, but my efforts seem futile.

In the spirit of “Paying It Forward” I’m sharing some of these great writers, Blogs, and sites with all of you. The information and education available out there is very powerful and useful if you know where to find it, learn how to use it, and then apply it.

Here are my TOP 40 Favorite Blogs, Sites, Writers and Resources:

ActiveRainTechCrunchMashableSocial Media Today – ProBlogger Blog TipsChrisBroganBlog World ExpoSocial Media Marketing Strategy, Tactics, and ToolsSocial Media MarketingDaily Blog TipsRE Tech SourceSEOmoz Daily SEOSEO Book – Learn. Rank. Dominate Matt CuttsTransparent Real EstateGoogle Official BlogGeekEstate Blog1000Watt ConsultingThe Real Estate BloggersRain City GuideSellsius Real Estate MarketingThe Real Estate TomatoRE Tech WorldMyTechOpinion360DigestReal Estate Opinion MAG – Real Estate BusinessThe Phoenix Real Estate GuyFuture of Real Estate MarketingInman News BlogRealty TimesCopybloggerGuy KawasakiSeth GodinBloggingTipsBloggingProTechKnowBabbleThe ScobleizerBuzz NetworkerOnLine BlogSEO Scoop

I’d be thrilled to make this a “Top 100” list, so if I missed any you think should be added, just let me know.

I’m sharing this to try and “Pay it forward” to these sites and writers for all the information and education they’ve continued to provide me over the years.  And to “you” for all that you have shared and contributed here as well.  That’s what it’s all about, people Paying-It-Forward, so thank you. I’ve created my ALLTOP, where these sites and authors can be accessed from a single page. You can also create your own ALLTOP FAVS page to be shared.

So for those of you who ask me all the time, “Brad, Do You ever sleep” and “Where do you come up with all this stuff?” Well now my secrets have been revealed. Yes I do, and now you know. 🙂 The key is time management…and of course… a little speed reading. lol~

Hope you Enjoy, I sure have!

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