Top Search Engines Reveal – Top RE Social Networks

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…  Let Google & Yahoo search them all….

What do people search for on Google? What do you search for on Yahoo?  What are clients, friends, and family searching for?  Seems our entire lives are spent in search of something?  The questions is, are we ever really finding exactly what it is we’re looking for?  Google and Yahoo put alot of time, money, and resources into making sure that you do, at least on the Internet.  In this post, I put the TOP TWO to the test with a question I get asked often by non-members.  Where do I need to be on the Web?

TIP: There’s “Google Juice” and there’s “Yahoo Koolaid” out there as well, and people do search drink from both.

It’s obvious why it’s important to be found on the Internet for ANY Business. Real Estate is a common search term used in many search engines.  Today, in searching both Yahoo and Google for some certain keywords that included “Real Estate”, I found some interesting results that helped solidify my theory and remove the mystery of “Where You Need To Be if YOU’RE in the Real Estate Industry!”

This is fascinating and enlightening. Out of 107,000,000 page results for one search, and 968,000,000 page results for the other, these results made me realize how valuable and important being on ActiveRain really is.  Not to toot our own horn here…OK, maybe just a little, but if you’re in the Real Estate Industry, there’s some obvious advantages why you should be on ActiveRain.  Those who have already joined AR know first hand the power of Social Networking and the results that can come from Real Estate Internet Marketing and Blogging.

Take a look at these results for the following “search terms” in both Google and Yahoo.
(I’m using this post for an Office Presentation introducing ActiveRain to some new members)

“Top Real Estate Blogs”
= Page 1, #8 – Results 1 – 10 of 951,000,000 for Top Real Estate Blogs
YAHOO = Page 1, #7 – Results 110 of about 107,000,000 for top real estate blogs

“Best Real Estate Blogs”
= Page 1, #5 – Results 1 – 10 of 564,000,000 for Best Real Estate Blogs
YAHOO = Page 1, #9 –  Results 110 of about 968,000,000 for Best real estate blogs

This one made me most proud to be a Member and a part of ActiveRain

“Top Real Estate Social Networks”

Google = Page 1, #1Results 1 – 10 of 73,300,000 for Top Real Estate Social Networks
YAHOO = Page 1, #1 – Results 110 of about 23,600,000 for Top Real Estate Social Networks

So Are the Search Engines Correct?  Are they accurate? Depending on what you’re looking for, they sure can help.  Remember that Millions of People are using them everyday.  My main point here is that if you’re not a member of ActiveRain and you’re in the Real Estate Industry, NOW might be a really good time to consider becoming a member of the #1 Top Real Estate Social Network in the world.  If you’re already a member, this is a great time to tell a friend or colleague who isn’t.  Sharing these results may open their eyes.

ActiveRain is #1.  Don’t take my word for it, ask Google and Yahoo.  I trust their opinion 100% on this one.


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