Top Social Media and Businesses To Follow

Top Social Media Sites, Businesses, and Individuals To Follow on Twitter

As many Companies and larger businesses start to discover that protecting their brands and reputations in a Social Media world is important, you’ll start seeing them pop up on sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and other popular consumer sites and networks. Some of the  really sharp smaller companies and individuals are already out there contributing and posting some pretty valuable information and content.


Some of the Larger Companies and well known Sites or Individuals are starting to engage their clients and Target Customers.  They are going beyond just measuring their reputations and managing their brands, they’re starting to really get it, and provide the consumer with on-line value via social media and social networking.

Here’s the Top Social Media and Businesses To Follow on Twitter. Trust me, this list won’t be what you expect!!  It’s been sorted by the number of followers for each company or individual, and then placed in ascending order:

Always wondering what’s happening.
2,714,487 San Francisco, CA
The New York Times
Where the Conversation Begins.
Home page stories from…

2,143,971 New York, NY
A Googler
News and updates from Google

1,938,574 Mountain View, CA
Pete Cashmore
The hottest Twitter news,
Twitter tips and Twitter help….

1,783,918 Scotland / SF
Whole Foods Market
Fresh organic tweets from
Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin,…
1,623,248 Austin, TX
Tony Robbins
The Official Tony Robbins Account

1,592,952 California CEO -Tony

1,560,792 Las Vegas
Woot : One Day, One Deal, One Way.
Also see our other feeds:…
1,533,656 Dallas, TX
The White House
Official WH twitter account. Comments
& messages received…

1,506,365 Washington, DC USA
JetBlue Airways
Have a question? Follow us
and let us help! – Currently on…

1,480,471 11375
Larry King Live
CNN’s Larry King Live

1,441,890 LA
The official Twitter account
for MTV in the US of A

386,729 NYC
PBS — Powered by Viewers
Like You! On Duty: ^LS…

313,112 Arlington, VA
Starbucks Coffee
Freshly brewed tweets from
Brad at Starbucks in Seattle,…

279,009 Seattle, WA
Give people the power to share
and make the world more open…

65,457 Palo Alto, California
Tweets on YouTube news, trends,
and — of course — videos.
58,654 San Bruno, CA

You may not agree that these are the top sites
, and if so, that’s totally OK.  Click here and create a list of your own.  Have fun building your own “TOP” Company or Business list of folks to follow on “Twitter,” you’ll have hundreds to choose from off this Global Master list.  Remember that on Twitter, some of the greatest leaders, are also followers!!

Keep an eye out and check back regularly on that Global list of Companies and Individuals on Twitter, it is growing and changing very quickly.

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