Try Changing Hats – Maybe a helmet?


Here's a post that might pull out your thinking cap…

Put on your consumer (buyer, seller, borrower, investor) hat and tell me,
how would you find the Real Estate Professional that you want to work with
in Activerain?  You should run through the "Find A Realtor" exercise with
me.  Here was my scenario:

As an investor, interested in buying in another state, I heard
about a website called (I didn't know about
and clicked on the State I was interested in.  Didn't even take the time to
read any posted featured blogs.  Next screen showed "Featured Realtor"

so I clicked on it.

What I wanted was a search screen to put in info, and narrow my search results, but that was ok, I was happy to
see their profile page.  It gave me general and some personal information.  I read some testimonials and
moved on.  Next I clicked on "My Blog", knowing I could get more knowledge of their expertise and Real Estate
wisdom.  It was their content that would have had me choose this couple to work with.

                                                            Lenders and Their "Junk Fees"
                                        Search the Hawaii MLS (NO Personal Information Required)
                                                     "Buyers Market" Still Hasn't Sunk In Yet
                                                         Accept Criticism About Your Listing
                                                             Finding a Home For My Buyer
                                                         Strange Situation: You Be the Judge
                                                   What Has Your Broker Done For You Lately?
                                                   Seller Credits: A Great Way to Attract Buyers 
                                          Check VA Eligibility and You May Find a Lot of New Buyers

I believe as an investor, (buyer) this content was very relevent. We should all consider this when making a new
post.  Lastly, I clicked on their website to get more information.  The site was
professional and easy to navigate, I started my search for property.  It really was that easy.  Only 4 clicks once
I was in the Activerain network.  Now, only 3 questions:

1. How would a consumer, know or find out about the Activerain Network? Google and
2. Do points and featured agents make a difference? Hmmm…Nice to be at the Top
3. Is the Activerain Network going to be a place where consumers wil find RE Professionals? I think so!

I have read so many success stories and have plenty of my own.  

Finally, I did click on their link (18 Associations) as well, to see what type of people they associated with.  Great
comments and looked like a great network of resources.  Last and final step was to call or email these members
to see if they could help me with my investment purchase in Hawaii. 

Try this for yourself……
If you don't change your hat once in awhile, you may find yourself needing a helmet.

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