Twitter Gone Wild! – Rated T

Today, at the very last possible minute, we put together a RR Talk show that was ALL ABOUT TWITTER!  How do you get business from Twitter?  Do you need to have an account and be on Twitter?  How does it work, why would I want to, and who else is on there anyway?  This was a great talk show and the special guests and callers are really what make these talk shows so much fun, exciting, and successful.

At one point, we had over 47 people in the chat, 87 live listeners, 6 guests on the line, numerous call ins, and the show has already been reviewed or downloaded by 253 listeners.  WOW!!  This is a first, and new record for RAIN Radio.  Why such a crazy response?  As I said, it had to be our guests today.  We only started putting this together at 9:30am for an 11:00am PDT broadcast.  Thanks to Jeremy Blanton, we turned a discussion on the phone, into a Radio Talk show.  I think part of our success today was because some “TWEETS WENT WILD!”

My guests were Paul Chaney, Kim Wood, Jeremy Blanton and we had quite an audience today.  So if you are interested in finding out what the “Twitter Pros” are doing, and how they are using the Micro-Blogging platform to gain exposure, build relationships, and do more business, take a listen, and enjoy this broadcast.  I’m always looking for good topics for discussion, and expert guests to join us to share their voice, today was no exception. 

TWITTER IS HOT, so sit back, enjoy the show, and witness “Tweets Gone Wild” on BTR and Rain Radio.  Thanks for listening, we appreciate your ratings, comments, calls, emails, and chat room antics! LOL~

You can also “Follow” us on Twitter @BradAndersohn, Paul Chaney @PChaney, Kim Wood @KimWood, and Jeremy Blanton @MyrtleBeachBlog.  Feel free to tweet any of us if you have questions about Twitter.  The Twitterville community is also a great resource to find out just about anything you want to know.



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