Two heads are better than one!

Do you ever find yourself having to make a tough decision on your own
?  All of us in this industry have found ourselves at these crossroads from time to time, some more often than others.  Those of you in management positions, brokers, and owners, are constantly having to make choices, without the guidance or opinions from others.  I've been there.

I have found that two heads often times can be better than one.  In fact, on Active Rain, I have discovered that you can really make some great decisions based on putting your head together with other members.  I have never seen such a willing group and network of industry professionals be so supportive and willing to share. 
Not just ideas, but advice, experiences, and resources.

This is the addicting part of Active Rain.  It's the people, the stories, the humor, and the ability to share with others.  Where else can you get real answers, to real issues, that affect our industry every day.  I have watched members solve problems, turn challenges into solutions, and convert absolute strangers, into friends and clients.  Who wouldn't get addicted to that?!?

Do you have a mentor on the rain?  Who do you call when you need to make a tough decision.  With over 30,000 members on Active Rain, I'd say you have a really good chance of finding one.  Are you utilizing the associates portion of Active Rain?  Are you adding associates, and subscribing to their posts?  I'm convinced, there is no challenge that hasn't been solved or experienced by another member.  Use your resources here!


Don't miss out on one of the most powerful tools that this network offers.  Putting your head together with someone else and networking is the VERY BEST WAY to overcome any and all of the challenges you may face on a day to day basis.  Two heads are always better than one…..

I was going to list all the names in mine, but….NOT! 🙂

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