US Home Values and Mortgage Market Rates – Interactive Charts

Today I was snooping around our site trying to find something for an agent when I discovered the following US Home Values Index chart.  This is not what I was looking for, but after I found it, I was actually very impressed and got so excited, I forgot what I was originally looking for?  It was like going upstairs to your room and forgetting why it was you went up there?!?  lol~ 

So now that I found this and had the chance to study and “Inter-Act” with it, I thought it would be great to let you share this on your website or Blog too if you like.  Just copy and paste this code into your HTML tab here on AR or on your Website or Blog. The current stats may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but having them available and knowing what they are might be useful in many areas of the market including yours.

US Zillow Home Value Index

There’s a few ways you can share this with others including Facebook, Twitter and more. The links on the page where this graph is stored and updated allow you pretty much every option available to share, at least the ones that are most popular.  Who doesn’t like stats and charts?

What’s even funnier?  So I go back to the original email request to start my search and quest over again, and then I discover this.  The Mortgage Market Place and there’s a mortgage market rate chart that is Inter-Active as well.  So before I got too far off track a second time, I went ahead and found what I was looking for to help out the agent, and now I’m back here to share this with you.

Here’s a link for you to access the Interactive Graph for Mortgage Rates.  There’s also Mortgage Calculators, and if you have no clue the difference between an ARM and a Reverse Mortgage, there’s even a Help Center to get you up-to-speed with some mortgage basics. One of my favorite tools here is the “Rate Alert” which emails you when the rate in your area hits the desired amount. (I set my alert at 1%) haha~

US Home Values and Mortgage Market Rates, what could be more important than information like this, and you sharing it with your readers and clients in your specific hyper-local markets? I’d say today was a good day, a good find, and now a good deed done.  Hope you’ll find these tools interesting, informative and useful.

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