Using Gmail Email as a Blog Post and HTML Editor

Using your Gmail Email as a Blog Post and HTML editor.  

First of all, what in the heck would make someone think of this?  Same way the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup was created!  It was a total accident. (at least that’s what they wanted you to think)  Somebody dropped and got their chocolate dipped in someone else’s peanut butter and there you have it!  The Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. 

Today, I did the same thing, dropping my email onto this Blog post, and realizing how easy it is to create a post using your gmail email editor.  You can add “live” links and anchor text, images, photos etc using gmail’s “Compose Mail” option.  You can change font colors and sizes and more.  Just copy and paste from your email to your Blog post, (email it to yourself as a backup, or to be used again sometime in the future)… and that’s it. 

It was a breeze. 

 You can use the Toolbar in Gmail’s editor to customize and add some Fun to your posts.

The process is easy, there’s no hidden HTML codes that won’t work with the AR Platform, and to be honest, some of our best Blogging content, ideas, responses, and experiences are sitting right within your email IN or OUT boxes. I don’t suggest you do it all the time, but as you can see, creating a post like this is different and even kinda fun!!

Use the mini-animations and graphics from the favicon toolbar as well.

It’s Pretty cool if you ask me, or at the least, something different.  (well, maybe I over did it a bit on this one!)

I hope this email Blog Post finds you all well,   it might be useful to those who can’t use scribefire or some of the other HTML third party applications and software’s out there to create cosmetically different and customized posts for their AR Blogs. 

(This post is dedicated to and created for AR member Laura Coffey)  Great to meet you @RainCamp LA.

Warm Regards,


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PS. This entire blog post was created using my Gmail email editor!

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