Using Video To Promote Community

Here’s a video put together by a friend Ines Hegedus-Garcia of Miamism that show’s the day and night life of Miami, Florida. She was able to capture quite a few 2-3 second segments that when combined, give a real feel of the Miami area and community. You’ll notice the video is short, captivating, and never shows any scene longer than 3 seconds. This in my opinion is what keeps viewers watching.

Using video to promote your community, your neighborhood, or even yourself doesn’t have to be done by a professional videographer and you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an entertaining and effective community video. Watch this video a couple times, take some notes, and you’ll see yourself that it contains many if not most of the key-ingredients necessary to make a successful community video.

Hats off to Ines and her team for putting together a home-made quality video that we could use to help demonstrate some key points and show others what it takes to help build your business by promoting your community and neighborhoods using video as the tool to deliver the desired message to your targeted viewers and audience.

You’ll also find that Ines is quite an Architect and uses video to promote her talents and gifts, of course this is when she’s not busy helping her clients buy and sell Real Estate in her Miami Community.

We’re on our way to Miami in a few weeks and thanks to her video, we anticipate with excitement an absolutely wonderful time and experience. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up Ines! We’ll try to find Ines there so we can treat her to a Miami Mohito!

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