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Ok my friends, I’m back to my old self, and off on another Technology and Marketing tangent! This is a three point post I think you’ll really enjoy.
1) A New Widget 2) Technology and Marketing 3) Video And Your Blog!

This is the new YouTube Widget that allows you to host multiple Videos via a single player. I have chosen “Future Technology” as the feature for this Widget. Watch the videos in this YouTube Widget and discover a new and exciting world of technology, NOT for our future, it’s here now! To access your own YouTube Video Widget, you must have a YouTube Account. Sign up, It’s Free!

You can pull from any of their existing Videos, or you may upload and feature your own. This is a great tool for use in any business, especially in the Real Estate Industry. It works great on your personal or public Websites or Blogs. The Widget below is completely customizable. You can change the size, color, videos and more. Try the YouTube Widget, and be sure to watch these videos, they will blow you away! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

3 Steps to creating your own Widget: 1. Sign up using the link above and then login. 2. Click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner. 3. Scroll down to “Create Custome Player” on the left hand side about half way down. Now just follow the instructions to customize your player! Lastly, paste the HTML code into your AR settings, and that’s it!

Here are some thoughts to ponder regarding Video and your Blog:

Would you agree that some consumers like reading books, but others would rather watch the movie? If yes, then would you also agree that you could be missing a whole different type of audience by not providing some video education or information on your Blog? Some people are “Visual” and get a better grasp of the message when it’s presented in a Movie format as opposed to text, graphics and pictures. Others would just rather read the book, and create their own images in their mind. So what makes your Blog any different?

Why are we not using more Video in Blogging and in Real Estate? It’s simple. No one likes their own photo, none of us are satisfied with our recorded voice, so naturally, why would we ever want to be on, or consider Video? This is something you might want to take a serious look at and re-evaluate.

Text or Video? Let’s take this post as the classic example. I could have written out all the information about these videos in my own words, and maybe got the message across, but let’s be frank here, after seeing these videos, (be honest) which would have made more of an impact on you? My hand written perception of them, or the videos and the messages they revealed? Would you rather have read them, or watched them? Can you see where I’m going with this?

Now, think about your message and your audience, and what you’re trying to say through your Blog. What will work for “YOUR” readers? Do they read the paper or watch the news? Do they read the book, or prefer the movie? What do “THEY” prefer? It might benefit you to know….

Youtube is the Largest Leading Warehouse and Library of Videos provided on the Internet. Some of the Videos there have been viewed by literally “millions” from all over the world! So then it must be true, consumers love Video too! I think it may be time for us to consider believing that being in front of the Video camera might not be such a bad thing! hmmm… 🙂

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