Video Tutorial #1: What is Flip Video?

The Flip Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular popular Video Cameras in Real Estate today.  Tara Jones provides this great video that talks about the Flip video, the features, and why you might want to consider one if you’re in the Real Estate Industry.


Via Tara Jones:

As we begin our educational video series we wanted to let you know a little bit about who’s doing the teaching! TJ Hedges is an Emmy Award winning photojournalist with more than 20 years experience in production and broadcasting. Tara Jones is an Emmy Award winning reporter, anchor and spokesperson with more than 15 years experience in production, broadcasting and public speaking. Both were working together at the number one station in the country, WSB-TV in Atlanta, GA, when they were approached by a successful broker in the area to join forces in the real estate world and form Reel Dwellings TV. It was then that they realized the need for quality video in this forum.

Everyone knows that video is the next “big thing” in real estate. Everyone is hopping on board and wanting to stand out from the crowd by incorporating the new medium in their website, e-mail, etc. But as a real estate professional, image is everything. So why put an inferior product associated with your name? Poor quality video can sometimes do more harm than good. It can relay an air of unprofessionalism and incompetence. Clearly, not the message you want to send to potential clients.

It is for this reason that we want to educate real estate professionals to give them an edge on promoting their services and skills.

While the Flip Camera can not compare to the quality finish that Reel Dwellings TV can provide, our goal is to show you how to create superior video using new technology to incorporate on your website.

So now, on to the FlipTM!

A flip camera is actually called Flip VideoTM and it’s a small, ultra-light handheld device that shoots an hour of digital video. There is a small viewer in the back to show you what you are recording, a microphone in the front to record audio, a USB connection to hook up to your computer for downloading the video, and a small hole with a locking device for attaching a tripod. Best of all, it all runs on two AA batteries that can be found in the front of the camera.

To get started simply press down on the small gray button the side of the camera. You should see a quick Flip VideoTM graphic and then “ready” on the top left side of the screen and “Time left” at the bottom left. This is alerting you of how much time is left on the memory before you have to delete some video. As soon as you find a shot you want to record hit the red button in the middle of the silver square. The green “ready” should turn into red numbers which are counting how long your recording is running. When you want to end a shot, just hit the red button again and you’ve stopped your recording. It’s that simple.

Because the camera is so light your video will likely be very shaking. That’s not good for any viewer out there. That’s why they sell an attachable tripod. This fits into the bottom of the device simply by sliding over the unlock button and then screwing in the top. The tripod is great for pans (moving the camera side to side or up and down) and zooms (moving into or away from an object) which can be done by hitting the plus or minus buttons on the gray square.

So now that you know the basics, let’s get to shooting!

Next week’s video lesson: The basics of shooting

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