Warning ALL Active Rain Members – You Can’t Go Back!!

Brad Andersohn PhotoBe careful when you have multiple windows open while creating a post.  If you accidentally click the back button on the wrong browser window (the one you're posting in) you will loose your post if not saved.  I just spent 45 minutes creating my VERY BEST post for Localism on the City of Benicia. 

I went to find some URL links to some of the favorite restaurants in another browser window. (I had 3 windows open at the time).  I had created links, keywords, photos, and spent alot of time researching the area I was posting about. Then, Crap…  (can I say that?)  I accidentally hit the back button on the browser I was posting on.  BAM!!  GONE!!  The whole thing was toast, just like that!  No way to refresh, or get it back. 

So here is my advice to you unless someone has a better way. Three things you can do to make sure you don't use the same language I did!! (COL) …cry out loud!!

  1. Create your post in word or publisher and save them.  Then cut, copy, and paste into AR
  2. Give your post a title and immediately save it in AR as a Draft!
  3. Don't open multiple windows like I did, or, definately be careful to NEVER hit the Back Button

If this has happened to you, (right when you were ready to post), then you know how it feels!!  It didn't make me want to go out and buy a Hallmark Card!  I hope this post helps others to be mindful of what you are doing when you are posting.  This is my first lost post, and hopefully my last. 

I will regain my composure, get some rest tonight, and try again tomorrow.  Man, it was a great post too!  I'll get over it!  Don't let this happen to you. If you know of other ways to prevent this from happening, please post your comments for all our members benefit. This was a real learning experience for me!

                                (The post I lost was suppose to be my 50th blog, not this one!!)

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