WEEKend FUNfact – He Was The First One To….

Post a video up on Youtube!  It’s true, this weekend’s fun fact is brought to you by my son Brandon, it’s the very first video ever posted on Youtube.  What I found even more interesting is that Brandon went back to the very first comments to see what they said….

@Zyrexoid – you should have bought stock!

This got me to thinking…  Do you know who posted the first blog post on ActiveRain, or who had the very first listing on Zillow?  What lucky person was the first to add a photo to Flickr, or even better yet, who was the first member on Facebook?  Who sent out the first tweet or created the first LinkedIn profile?

If you really want to have some fun in the rain, go to any blogger on AR and read their very first blog post, it’s fun to see where folks have come from and how much they have grown.  Start with Jon Washburn, Bob Stewart, Kerrie Greenhalgh, and Doug Ching.  Then go to your favorite blogs and those you subscribe to here on AR and leave them a comment on their very first blog post.  Bring those posts back to life… (haha

Have some fun, you deserve it.  I bet many of you can’t remember the “title” of your first post on ActiveRain?!? 

Have a FUN and GREAT weekend!  🙂

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