Whales in Rio Vista? – You won’t believe what I saw!?!

 It’s true.  For the past few days now, authorities
have been trying to get a mother and her baby
to go under the Rio Vista bridge, and return to
the ocean via the bay.  There is story after story
and headline news all about the Whales in Rio

Check it out, this is a place where
people normally try to just catch some salmon,
bass, sturgeon or catfish for dinner.  Now there’s
whales? I think I’ll leave my pole at home and
head over to the Delta to get a glimpse.  There
have been numerous traffic jams and slowdowns
because they have to keep lifting up the bridge
to let the boats go under.  People are coming
from all over the Bay Area to witness this rare
event.  Seems folks are having a “Whale of a

I headed out this evening to see if I could get a
shot, and when I got to the shore, guess what I
saw?  I was so surprised, because it wasn’t the
whales…it was this sign posted on a fence along
the bank.  It was telling me what kind and how
much fish I should or could eat if I caught them
here.  Apparently, the fish in the Delta have
chemicals in them.  WHAT??  YOU’RE KIDDING!!


Am I missing something here? We can spend the money and resources to send in Coast Guard and patrols to
try and save these two big fish, but we can’t do anything for the poor little fish that have been contaminated with
chemicals? Something is wrong here.  We all know the story of Jonah and the whale, but we also know these
whales in the Delta won’t eat people, they eat fish!  The same fish that this sign says are contaminated with
chemicals!  They can make you sick if you eat more than 1 or 2 PER MONTH.  How many fish does a whale eat
at a dinner setting?

Isn’t it possible these whales could be at risk by eating these Delta Fish? Won’t they get sick too?  It is
upsetting to me, that while the media is out making a big issue about saving the whales, (which I think they
should do),
but nobody is talking about saving the people, cleaning up the chemicals (where ever the fish were
exposed to them
), and saving the 1000’s of fish who have become contaminated. I do hope the whales are freed
soon, but what about freedom for the other fish in the Delta, and what about the people who survive off
them…like You and me!

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